The Rich


      First I must acknoowledge that not all rich are bad. We know who the limited few are. But the rest.... well you decide.
      Since the beginning of civilization the rich have oppressed and abused people. There used to be an appropriate solutions for this abuseive behavior, my favorite was the guillotine. The French revolution was the last time that the rich were put in their place.
      Now the rich meet in secret locations, behind locked doors. They plan ways to rob the rest of the world of the remaining riches. The Bilderberg group, and ALEC are the moxt destructive of these groups.
      For too long the rich have manipulated, and controlled our government. They buy off our politicians, and influence our laws.
      The rich get richer while our country crumbles. The rich prosper while the rest of us starve.
      Every year millions of people die because of the greed of the rich. Starvation, disease, poisoning, these are the trademarks of the rich.
      The rich shipped our good jobs overseas, just to make a few more bucks.
      The rich destroyed our economy with their greed. The rich ruined our housing market with their lust for more.
      This will stop now!
      When the civil war, that you created starts, your money won't protect you. Every person in this country knows several people you have taken their homes from, or many who lost their job because of you. Or the thousands who will never ever be able to retire because of you.
      No one will protect you, no matter how much you offer to pay them.
      We outnumber you 100 to 1. And each of us want your blood.

      Think about it, time is running out.

      Nothing will change unless we demand it,



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