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      Nothing will change unless we demand it, get involved.

      First, and most importantly Get Informed.
      Make sure the issue is something you believe in.
      The easiest way to get involved is by using Social Media
      There is a lot of information and contacts there

      Petitions are quite effective
           Move On dot org always has lots
           SenateCredo has lots
  has quite a few
           The Petition Site

      Talk to people


      Call, email, mail, and fax your representatives

      Write or call your Congressperson !
      Directory of representatives.
     Senate      House of Representatives

      We must force Congress to enact massive election and governmental reform.
      "We" demand the following !
      1) Repeal Citixens United
        The absolute first step is repealing this most destructive ruling.
      2) Complete elimination of earmarks.
      3) Elimination of lobbyists - you will have to do what the people
        want not what business wants.
      4) Elimination of ALL corporate financing of elections - want
        campaign funds ? You will have to earn them from the people.
      5) You vote according to your constituents wishes - or you will
        be removed.

Suggested Reading

A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches
by Martin Luther King Jr.
Here, in the only major one-volume collection of his writings, speeches, interviews, and autobiographical reflections, is Martin Luther King Jr. on non-violence, social policy, integration, black nationalism, the ethics of love and hope, and more.

Civil Disobedience and Other Essays
by Henry David Thoreau
Civil Disobedience and Other Essays is a collection of some of Henry David Thoreau's most important essays.

Writings on Civil Disobedience and Non Violence
by Leo Tolstoy
Gathered for the first time, prophetic writings by the author of War and Peace that speak directly to America's dilemma with the urgency of today's headlines.



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Get Involved

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