Government Reform
Taking Back OUR Government

      I, like millions of other Americans, am sick and tired of this incompetent and corrupt government. Our founding fathers would revolt against this perversion of their vision.
      Our government no longer cares about "we the people". Every single politician in this country is bought and paid for by big corporations, and every single vote they make is in favor of business, political or personal interests, over the interests of the people. Our current "party" system insures that those nominated will act in the best interest of "the party", not the people; I know that is not how it was intended to function.
      The recent Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) vote confirmed that members of Congress will vote any way they want, regardless of what a majority of the people want.
      Virtually every member of Congress is a millionaire. How is that representative of our population? And who intrest are they voting? Themselves - the rich.
      We have seen our individual political voices replaced by the wishes of "Corporate America". Nowhere in the Constitution does it say "We The Corporations of America". It does not matter if you are liberal or conservative, we are all on the losing end. There is no difference between Republican and Democrat politicians, they are just bought by different corporations.
      Making matters worse is the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United. Citizens United opened the door for corporations and the rich to simply BUY elections. And every vote in Congress is influenced by the threat or promise of campaign contributions. And it allowed for the creation of Super PACS, to funnel millions into campaigns, side stepping our already weakened campaign contribution regulations.
      When I was young, everything we bought was made in America, it was top quality, and affordable. Big business would like you to believe that it was the unions that caused the decline in our manufacturing, but they did not. To make more money, businesses moved their factories overseas, and even get government incentives to do so. What corrupt moron thought of that one ? And how much did business pay the poiliticans to allow them to eliminate American jobs ? Neither business nor government cared one bit about the impact that this would have on their employees, or the country. Now we have no middle class. Our idiot politicians can't figure out that the only way to create good jobs again is to actually manufacture things again.
      Now we are experiencing ANOTHER "change" election (they all are these days). What a joke. Do you really think there is one single politician in America who would act in favor of the people ahead of their own or their parties agendas. The party system assure it. No money for non-conformists.
      The U.S. has 1300 federal agencies, not one of them is doing the job they are paid to do. They are all headed by political appointees who have no business running anything. Doing the bare minimum seems to be the motto of these agencies.
      Is this really the environment you want to spend the rest of your lives in ? The lives of your children ?



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