Campaign Finance Reform
Getting the money out of politics

      One of the most important factors in regaining control of our government is campaign finance reform. With "Dark Money" and Super PAC's flooding our elections, and bypassing our already weakened campaign finance regulations.
      Of course going hand and with campaign finance reform is the repeal of Citizens United.
      With out question the Citizens United ruling is the worst decision that any Supreme Court has ever made. Citizens United has virtually destroyed our electoral system and taken corruption to levels never seen before.Instead of one person one vote it is now one dollar one vote. With corporations and the rich buying elections left and right.

      For the first time in our countrys history we have Supreme Court Judges
that think that is legal to sell their votes to the highest bidder.
      Campaigns were far from perfect before Citixens United, but it was the last straw that broke the camels back. After Citizens United is repealed we will still have to enact legislation that regulates campaign contributions and makes those contributions public. We also must do something about "Pac's", they allow a flood of money to candidates that is not regulated in any way. Personally I think they should have to fall directly within campaign contributions, and the money raised should be reported as campaign contributions to a candidate, not a third party entity.
      Democracy can not exist in an environment where a doller is more important than a vote.

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