Every person in this country knows at least one horror story about the IRS. For very good reasons.The IRS makes rules that they don't have to abide by. You are automatically guilty until proven innocent, that is unconstitutional. Everyone there treats the public like criminals. They even stole money from me.
      The Taxpayer Advocate Service is a real joke. Try to call them, all you ever get is an answering machine, and no one ever responds to messages left. Send them a letter, no one replies.
No one actually does any advocacy there, it is just a front agency for people ro collect pay without working, and you pay for it.
      In 2005 the IRS notified me that they were imposing capital gains taxes on me, based on a 1099 from Prudential Insurance. Prudential filed the 1099 based on a loan “buy off”, which was reversed within weeks of it being initiated. The IRS requires that companies notify them of a “buy off”, which is considered a capital gain. The IRS does not require companies to notify them of a “buy off” reversal. Why is that? I have been fighting this since 2005. The IRS forced me to pay several thousands in additional taxes on this (non-existent) capital gain. Not only that, the IRS reported the (non-existent) capitol gain to the Ca. Tax Board, and I had to pay the FTB several thousand more. I’m on Social Security Disability, and barely survive month to month. I had a lien put on my house, I had money taken from my bank account (leaving me flat broke), and I lived on canned tuna and noodles 7 days a week for 3 years, thanks to the IRS. Once again, for money I did not owe them. I sent letter after letter (most never responded to), filed form after form, and made phone call after phone call, which usually meant waiting on hold for hours, and never accomplishing anything. After 4 years of fighting this, the IRS finally conceded that I never owed them the money, and that they were returning the money. Story over right. Wrong. The letter, that informed me of the refund, said I would get the check within 2 weeks (that was several months ago). I called the IRS again, and they said that they don’t refund money after 3 years. What? They made me pay after 3 years. And I never owed them the money in the first place. Their latest story is that the IRS is keeping a large part of the money. I guess I’m being penalized for not just sitting back and letting the IRS steal from me.
Now the IRS is once again charging me $4000 for the same capital gains from 2004. The very same non-existent gains I wrongfully paid taxes for already. They are ignoring the fact that I already proved, and the IRS conceded, that there were no capital gains. The same money they returned to me. And even worse yet, they are ignoring the $1000 they stole from me for that same tax year. Another irony, it is now 2010, they are billing me for 2004, 6 years ago. But they won’t return money they stole from me 3 years ago. I guess they don’t have to abide by the rules that they hold the people to. What article of the Constitution permits that ? The IRS has given me 2 weeks to pay the $4000 (that I don’t owe them). Even though I never owed the money I acted in good faith through this entire process, making payments, while continuing to fight the assessment. But I have been treated like a criminal, when it was the IRS who conducted the criminal activity. I have been treated like dirt, and I was the one in the right, I don’t mind paying taxes that I owe, buy only what I owe. And I expect to be treated fairly, which the IRS failed in miserably.       When a government resorts to stealing from it's people, it is time for that government to be eliminated.
      After all , there is a reason people fly planes into IRS buildings.
      Why would anyone work for the IRS ? Are they in need of some form of power ? Do they just like screwing people over ? Or is it just the only job they could get ?



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